What I’m eating this week 5/27/14

This week I definitely don’t feel on my meal planning game, but I picked out three things to make.  One of them is a Mac and Cheese recipe from another blog that I found on Foodgawker.  The second is the Jar Salads I made a few weeks ago.  The third is just a little concoction of my own which I’m too lazy to write up a formal post about so I’ll just summarize it.

  • Sweet Potato and Potato Hash with Green Beans and Master Sauce
    • For this I simply took one sweet potato and 3 small red skinned potatoes and roasted them at 400° F until soft.
    • I then chopped an onion, and three small button mushrooms and sauteed them in some butter and olive oil
    • When the onion was almost cooked I added the potatoes and about half a cup of frozen chopped green beans to the pan
    • I also added a heaping table spoon or so of this great sauce I got at the Burlington Farmer’s Market called “Master Sauce“. It’s full of everything you could ever want and is deliciously spicy.
    • Just mix it all up ’till combined to your liking.  I like to let the bottom kinda burn a bit to give it a nice crisp.

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