Wherever I go so do my running shoes

Nice little run down the bike path

Nice little run down the bike path

With it being my last summer of freedom before 16 months of full-time nursing school I’ve decided to take advantage of my free time as much as I can. So I spent the weekend on Cape Cod with some friends from Boston and ate lots of food, had a few beers on the beach, and got a little sunburned. Most importantly though I was still able to get a 5+ mile run in.


I’ve been trying to make an effort to bring my running stuff with me on trips, even if I don’t have a specific plan to run. That way if the opportunity comes up I have no excuses not to get a workout in. Luckily for me my friend Mike is a big runner so we were able to motivate each other to get out of bed early Saturday morning and hit the bike path. Our other friends thought we were crazy for multiple reasons:

  1. why would do you LIKE to run
  2. why are you working out on vacation
  3. it’s only 8am why are you awake


I can’t speak for all runners but for me when I’m on vacation I don’t like to sit at the beach all day being lazy, and if you want me to sit there with you at all, I’ve gotta get up and burn some energy first. That way I can relax and enjoy the sun with a feeling of accomplishment already under my belt. I also don’t want to waste my vacation sleeping the day away. I also look forward to enjoying the new scenery when I’m on vacation, and for me the easiest way to do that is on a run. It’s one of the best ways to take in your surroundings and get a feel for the area. Mike and I ran the bike path which took us behind neighborhoods, past the local airport, and some water where we even saw ospreys fishing.  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect way to start my vacation weekend. After the run I was able to enjoy the beach and extra calories I would consume knowing that I’d already logged 5 miles that day.


As a side note here’s a few pictures from the weekend, I didn’t take very many just because my phone was dead most of the time.

View from the beach

View from the beach

Some dunes I ran a few repeats on

Some dunes I ran up a few times


Pretty sky on the drive home

Pretty sky on the drive home

Fresh Wellfleet Oysters while in Wellfleet

Fresh Wellfleet Oysters while in Wellfleet


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