Turning a setback into an opportunity-Yoga

I’ve been saying for MONTHS that I want to start doing yoga. I’ve heard from lots of other runners and fitness friends that it has helped them with flexibility, core strength, and relaxation. I have been putting it off saying I’d start next week, or at the beginning of next month etc. Really though I have been putting it off because I was a little nervous to try it at a real class since I’ve never done that before.

Well this week I found the motivation to get off my butt and try it out! My foot was feeling a little weird after my last two runs so just as a precaution I told myself I wouldn’t run for a week or two. I’m probably just a little over paranoid after my stress fracture, but I don’t wanna push it. I did do a higher milage week last week because I’ve been feeling so well, however I guess I need to reel the miles in and start a little slower than I thought for my marathon training.  Anyways I decided to turn this little setback into a positive opportunity by finally making it to a yoga class, because sitting around the house hasn’t been doing my mental health any good.

This Tuesday I decided to try the Yin Yoga class at Jeca Yoga. The Yin class was described as targeting the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis and lower spine. This sounded like an ideal class for a tense inflexible runner since stretching/strengthening these areas will only help my running endurance and form. I called the studio beforehand to ask a few questions and Jessica the owner and the instructor for that class was super nice and gave me great information. When I showed up she remembered my name and went over the basics with me since I was a newbie. The studio was relaxing in itself with large windows, high ceilings, and lots of natural light. The poses we did were not too challenging and you could modify some of the moves to your experience level. All in all I had a great time. I left feeling relaxed, loose, and honestly instantly felt tension released from both my mind and body. Jessica was a very welcoming and knowledgeable instructor so I signed up immediately for the Wednesday night Yin this week, which my friend John will attend as well. One thing I really liked about the studio is that they offer one weekly class a month that only costs $5! For a budget conscious 20 something like myself this is a great option, especially for beginners. If you’re looking for Yoga in the Manchester, NH area I’d check out Jeca Yoga.

I’m hoping that by going to yoga at least once a week I’ll also be motivated to start practicing a few poses at home. I am already feeling the benefits just the day after which I honestly wasn’t expecting. I was surprised that my core felt a little sore as well when I woke up today. We didn’t do what I would call difficult poses, but I guess just using my body in an unfamiliar way activated muscles I don’t usually use. We all live in a go go go atmosphere and even though running helps me blow off steam it usually doesn’t give me such a purposeful sense of relaxation that I found during yoga. I can’t wait to try different classes and really get some good cross training.



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