Sore Legs, Purple Toes, and No Shirt

I feel like I haven’t actually blogged about running in a while. This is partly because I took a few weeks off to deal with some ankle soreness, and because my racing schedule has taken a lull. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t been running, in fact the past three weeks I’ve been running a LOT, more miles than I have since becoming a runner again. This is because I took the plunge and officially signed up for the Maine Marathon! I’ve paid so now I’m committed.

I was a little nervous about starting training because I’ve had a few overuse injuries and it seems like it’s just one bodily malfunction after the next. I knew I needed to follow a plan otherwise I would over do things too fast and get hurt again. I started out with a free marathon plan for beginners that I actually got from Runners World. The plan is very simple and doesn’t have real “workouts” per se, but it does give you what kind of milage to run with two rest days each week. I tweaked the plan a bit by changing one day to either cross training or track work just to give myself a little more variety and curb my tendency for injury. I like having my runs all planned out. It helps keep me motivated having some smaller run goals each week while keeping the 26.2 on the horizon.

What I’ve learned so far

The foam roller is your friend-I’ve never really gotten sore from running (other than injuries), but so far the increased mileage has actually given me some soreness in my quads and calves. It actually feels nice knowing that I’m pushing my muscles harder than they have been before. Foam rolling has helped me work out some kinks and we now have a love/hate relationship.

Purple toes-I’ve seen some gross runners feet but never had much of an issue losing toe nails or anything. Well this week I didn’t lose a toenail, but I did turn one purple! I’m thinking of it as a badge of honor that only fellow runners will understand. It doesn’t hurt too bad so as long as it isn’t interfering with running I’m going to embrace it.

Suns out guns out-I’m usually not the type of person to trounce around shirtless mostly because of my lack of self confidence. However this week it was so F%*KING hot! During one run I forgot my band aids and felt nipple chaf starting. Since I was wearing a white tank top and didn’t want to stain it with some nipple blood I just thought, screw it, and took the shirt off. I’ll admit it was very liberating. I didn’t care what I looked like and just enjoyed the extra breeze it gave my body. Not only did I overcome some of my self conscious nature, but it also helped cool me down a lot more than I thought it would. Now I think I’ve become one of those weird hairy guys who likes to run with no shirt.

I’m really excited to continue training and can’t wait to work on my next goal. If all goes well this October I’m planning on signing up to run the entire Vermont City Marathon come spring since I loved the half I ran this year. Until next time!


3 thoughts on “Sore Legs, Purple Toes, and No Shirt

  1. Good luck in the training! I’m currently in the midst of training for my first marathon too (I’m doing Marine Corps in D.C., which I thought it what yours first said when I read it). It’s been plenty warm down here, too!

    • Thanks! I actually wanted to do the Marine Corp Marathon but missed registration. There’s always next year though. Good luck with your training as well that humidity down there is killer!!

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