I think I fell off the wagon?

After last weekends long run I feel like I fell off the wagon. I can safely say it was my worst run ever. I thought the dehydration fiasco was bad, but this was a different kind of bad, a worse kind of bad. Don’t worry I’ll get to that.

As I already admitted during my last brief post I’ve been a bad blogger as of lately. I think I was in denial but last weeks run has lead me to also see I’ve been a bad eater, and even a bad runner the last few weeks. Without my weekly meal post to keep me accountable I haven’t been eating too great. I’ve reached for more convenience foods, and because last week was my birthday I ended up eating out quite a few meals for “celebrations”.

On top of bad eating habits I also haven’t run as much because after my November Project workout a few weeks ago I had a sore achilles. I attribute this to my lungs cashing a check my body couldn’t cash. I had the cardio to run a stadium PR which got me a picture with Phoebe the PR Pig; however my joints/muscles/tendons weren’t used to so many stairs and my left achilles paid the price. This made me miss my long run two weeks ago, plus half a week of training. It doesn’t sound like much, but trying to bounce back this week I’ve felt a difference.

Phoebe the PR-PIG

Phoebe the PR-PIG

These two lapses caught up to me Saturday during my long run. It was the most miserable 18 miles of my life. I had GI issues, muscle cramps, fatigue, and I swear I touched “The Wall”. I’ve never been the type to “walk-run” during workouts but I was forced to for about 1.5 miles. I just felt zapped. I couldn’t get leg turnover, my form was awful, and I could feel myself slipping into a survivor shuffle at mile 15. I probably wouldn’t have finished the 18 but my girlfriend Kate was nice enough to ride along on her bike for my last 8 miles so I could have as much Nuun for hydration and samples from my RunnerBox for fuel.  After the run I was totally useless. I had to lay down on my lawn, could barely stand, and slept like a zombie while Kate drove me to the store to get ice for an ice bath.  I’m just happy I finished, but it was a real wake up call for me. It also helped me see how important nutrition is for my running. I know eating out so much last week hurt me a lot. I’ve got to get back on the horse and back on track or else this fall marathon isn’t going to happen.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Ever fallen off your fitness horse? How did you get back on track?



5 thoughts on “I think I fell off the wagon?

  1. This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! I’ve been ill this past week, and have neglected both my blogging & running schedules. Plus, there’s always those excuses that creep in when you’re feeling under the weather & the healthy eating just goes out the window! This has really motivated me to start getting back on track. Thanks!

  2. The photo with the pig is priceless! That run sounds BRUTAL. Having a crappy workout always throws me for a loop, even if I haven’t taken time off. It’s important to remember that even though two weeks off FEELS like forever, you’ve got a solid fitness base behind you and you’ll bounce back fast. Jeff Gaudette did a good article on some studies showing that athletes really only lose minimal fitness after forced rest, and they recover it quickly: http://runnersconnect.net/running-training-articles/how-long-does-it-take-to-lose-your-running-fitness/

  3. You had me at the Pig. Don’t let a few bad runs throw you off course. Learn from them (She says after dehydrating, cramping and freaking out during an 18 miler. Lesson learned.) Without the bad, the good wouldn’t be as sweet. 🙂

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