“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

This was a much more successful week for me. Not because I accomplished something big, I didn’t run very far or very fast, and I didn’t accomplish the milage goal written on my training schedule. This week was successful because of the small victories. It’s not news that I’ve been feeling a little disappointed with my running and eating lately, but this week I made some small changes that I’m hoping to build on next week. For me if I try to change my routine too rapidly I just get overwhelmed and sit in a static state on the couch, frozen in place.

The first thing I did was meal plan! After eating some healthier, homemade, non-processed, or restaurant made meals I found myself waking up feeling more refreshed. I just feel better when I eat better, and I certainly run better. Even though I only planned for the second half of the week, since I was in VT until Tuesday, starting small has brought back some inspiration. I’m looking forward to starting next week off on a positive note.

My second small victory was getting some somewhat pain free running in. I had some achilles pain which went away but was quickly followed by patellofemoral pain syndrome. I’ve had this before and my sports doc says it’s basically irritation/inflammation beneath the kneecap. Unfortunately the only thing I can really do for it is rest/ice it. This only allowed me one 8 mile run while in VT 😦  On Wednesday I still upheld my #verbal for November Project and showed up to Harvard Stadium with my friend Christine who was visiting from the Denver tribe. I walked about half the stadium and made sure once I felt a little tightness in my knee I stopped before things started to hurt. Thursday I woke up expecting to feel soreness but my knee was feeling ok. Unfortunately I was waking up at 3:30am to get back to work.

After a really crappy at work I came home feeling exhausted and grumpy and not in a mood to run. After a semi-unintentional nap I basically shamed forced myself into going running. I knew I would just go short since I didn’t wanna push my knee too hard. Jogging up my hill in the light rain and cool breeze took my mind off everything else stressing me out. I don’t know what came over me but I was drawn to the trail behind my neighborhood. I usually run most of my miles on the road just because that’s what I’m used to and pretty much all my races are on the road. For whatever reason this trail run was exactly what I needed. The light rain and overcast sky left the woods enveloped in a misty haze. It felt like I had left civilization behind, and I liked that. It was just me, the trail, and my shoes. Even though it was a short three mile loop this run really left me feeling rejuvenated. My knee felt good, and my mind felt clear. Sometimes it just takes a change of pace to get back on track. This run also made me want to start running trails more often, even inspiring me to buy a pair of Merrell Allout Fuse from 6pm.com on killer discount.

I know this was a longer read than usually but if you’ve stuck in there through my poor sentence structure thank you! I chose the Emerson quote at the top because I feel like it perfectly summed up my feelings about this week. I’ve learned I need to be more patient with myself to get back on track; something I hadn’t really thought about until after my stress relieving trail run.



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