Favorite Things Part 3: Janji Running Apparel

This week I’m switching things up a bit and highlighting one of the running apparel companies that I love. Not only do I think they have some pretty cool products, but more importantly I really love what the company stands for. Of course I’m talking about Janji! This Boston based company makes great running apparel while simultaneously finding a way to give back to the world by providing access to clean water in a bunch of different countries.

I first heard about Janji from the folks over at Believe In The Run. They posted a great review and also spotlighted Janji’s philanthropic mission. I was immediately interested because I’ve lived in Boston, ran in Boston, and like to shop local when I can. I headed over to the Janji website and started reading about all the great stuff they do and gawking at their cool clothes. I didn’t jump right in and buy anything though because I knew they would be at the Vermont City Marathon Expo that I was going to be at in a few weeks.

At the Expo I actually met one of the founders Dave who was super friendly and really down to earth. I chatted him up for a few minutes and walked away with one of their Tanzania Breeze running t-shirts (since at the time my girlfriend KB was volunteering in Tanzania herself).Tanzania Breeze Shirt The shirt was made in the colors of the Tanzanian flag, and said “Run for Tanzania” on it. I did my shakeout run that day in the shirt and loved it. Its a tech shirt so it wicked sweat away, kept me cool, and since it was brightly colored kept me visible. I’ve since worn the shirt on tons of runs, to the gym, and even hiking. It has held up well and it’s my go-to running tee.

When people see the “Run for Tanzania” logo sometimes they ask me what it’s all about. I love being able to explain how I was able to help provide access to clean drinking water for people in Tanzania just by buying this shirt. All of the Janji products help their partner organizations provide water for people in Tanzania, Haiti, Kenya, Peru, Rwanda, and the United States. If you want more info how they help they have a great section on their website here. It just feels good to support a smaller company like Janji, especially because you can help someone else just by purchasing apparel you would probably purchase anyways. I’d rather support a company who has values of their own rather than just corporate greed (hippie rant). It’s great how the running community is very involved in contributing to charities, but I like how I can also raise awareness just by wearing their products. So if you’re looking for some great running clothes, but also want to do something good for someone else, I suggest looking into Janji for your next purchase. I personally really like their printed 1/4 zip, and their men’s running pants.  Dave over at Janji was kind enough to offer up one lucky reader a seasonably appropriate Janji Running HatJanji Running Hat to keep you warm during this time of year. Just enter through the Rafflecopter link below!

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17 thoughts on “Favorite Things Part 3: Janji Running Apparel

  1. Lisa Jones says:

    I don’t own any of their stuff but I have eyed a couple of their items at an expo. I love what they do. One of my favorite small running stores isn’t apparel. I love Huma Chia Gels. I also love all the funny t-shirts from One More Mile.

  2. Justin F. says:

    I have not, but now that I know what they do I may be trying some of their gear soon. Thanks for the shot at winning this!

  3. Joy C says:

    I haven’t worn any janji gear and I’m not sure how small is small for companies but I like my d-belt for storing while on a run.

  4. Always great to learn about a company giving back AND with a quality product. Bombas socks is another company that gives back; they donate socks for members of Back on My Feet running teams.

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