Ohyo Collapsible Water Bottle Review and Giveaway

The past few weeks I’ve been testing out the Ohyo collapsible water bottle. The folks at Ohyo were nice enough to send me a sample of both their 1000ml bottle and their smaller 500ml bottle. Ohyo is based in the UK and was started by environmental scientist Guy Jeremiah. Part of the companies goal is to get people to stop using single use plastic bottles, and to start utilizing perfectly safe tap water that most people have access to already. The bottles are BPA free, carbon neutral after two refills, and top rack dishwasher safe. Here’s a little video from Ohyo that sums things up pretty well:

Here’s what I thought:

What I liked

Portable! I really liked how compact the bottles were when collapsed. Most days I’m carrying a lot of stuff when I leave the house because I bring everything I need for school, lunch, work, the gym, etc. My messenger bag runs out of space pretty quickly and trying to carry a large water bottle can be a challenge sometimes. Being able to collapse the bottle for transport was a big win, and I found that clipping it to the side of my bag was nice and it didn’t swing around too much. I brought the bottle with me on my trip to North Carolina last week as well. It came in pretty handy when my flight got delayed and I spent an extra few hours at the airport. Luckily I didn’t need to spend money on buying a drink since I had my Ohyo stashed away in my carry on.

saving me at the airport

saving me at the airport



It fits

It fits

What I didn’t like

The only thing I didn’t like was the feel of the bottle. Since it’s collapsible the material is kind of soft. I just worry that one day I’ll snag it on something sharp, or it will get impaled by a pen or something in my bag. It hasn’t happened yet but it’s my only real concern with the Ohyo bottle. According to Ohyo they’ve tested it by doing 10,000 open/closes and it still worked like new.

Will I continue to use it or recommend it

I will definitely continue to use the Ohyo bottle. I loved how convenient it was, and it saved me from dehydration at the airport last week. I would recommend it to anyone who travels a lot or people who often run out of space in their bag for their water bottle. If you’re interested in getting one they’re only available on Amazon for US customers, BUT two lucky readers could win their own. Ohyo has been generous enough to offer up one of their 1000ml bottles and one of their 500ml bottles for a giveaway! (first place gets the 1000ml and second place gets the 500ml) JUST CLICK ON THE RAFFLECOPTER LINK BELOW

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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