Tiux Compression Sock Review

I’ve been wearing compression socks for a few years now ever since my mom bought me some as a Christmas present when I started getting serious about running. I didn’t really know much about compression socks until I did some research, and I found that many people believe them to help with performance, as well as recovery. Although there is debate as to whether or not these claims are scientifically true I do believe that they have helped me both during hard runs, and afterwards for better recovery. I even use them some days at work since I often spend all day on my feet running around the hospital. A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be offered a sample of Tiux Compression Socks to try (disclaimer: this sample was provided to me for free from the folks at Tiux to review, but all opinions are mine alone). The socks arrived super fast and I insert bad pun here hit the ground running.Tiux Logo

Who is Tiux

Tiux is a start up still taking pre-orders for their compression socks to be released near the end of April. They’re able to sell their compression socks for just $35 (shipping included)!! How can they sell their socks for such a great price? Well Tiux is planning on selling strictly online cutting out all the “middlemen”, which allows them to sell their socks for about half of what many of their competitors sell for. This is a great idea and poor nursing students like myself should really appreciate this. Another great thing about Tiux is their partnership with Mines Advisory Group (MAG).  Tiux donates 1% of revenue to MAG to help save lives in communities dealing with unexploded landmines and other ordinances. As you know I love companies that also have a social conscience (like Janji) so this was a big reason I was excited to try out Tiux’s compression socks. It’s always nice when your purchase goes towards something more than just getting yourself some new gear.tiux-infographic


What about the socks?

Tiux featuresMy first impression was that the socks looked great. I liked the dark color, and the yellow highlight gave them a needed pop. I also noticed that they felt a lot softer than some other compression socks I’ve tried. One pair I don’t use anymore seemed kind of rough and actually gave me some pretty bad blisters. The Tiux socks were the opposite. They’re super soft, and I’ve already put a lot of miles on them with zero blisters or hot spots. I thought that after washing them they wouldn’t be so soft, but I’ve worn them a bunch and washed them each time (air dried them) and they are still super soft.  I thought the level of compression they provided was spot on as well. They weren’t suffocating and didn’t leave a big ring around my calf afterwards, but still provided that snuggly tight feeling. I wore them for a variety of runs, hiking and even to work one day. Under all conditions they felt great!


Would I get them again?

IMG_20150322_111520_016Definitely. I will be buying a few pairs of these since they come at a great price, are wicked comfortable, and perform great for me.  Right now I’m just starting to ramp up my miles again after coming back from an injury so focusing on recovery is huge right now. I know that Tiux Compression Socks will be part of my new routine.

If you’re interested in buying your own you can find all the deets on the Tiux site HERE!

PS they have this cool little message inside the collar

PS they have this cool little message inside the collar



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