About Me

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My name is Benton, I’m a 25 year old young unprofessional; even though sometimes my friends say I act 75. I’m an amateur scientist, amateur chef, professional blood-letter, future nurse, and slight running/twitter addict. My favorite things include cheese boards, whiskey, and Island Creek oysters.


Fitness Philosophy

While living in Boston during 2013 I became fed up with the cheap gym near my house since I couldn’t afford a fancy one. I had been really into weight training during college, and hadn’t run since cross country in high school. Without having a place to exercise I was feeling unmotivated, lazy, and chubby. That’s when I rediscovered my love for running via November Project! This free fitness community helped me push myself further than I ever could have alone. Before NP I thought my running days were behind me. Now I can’t get enough of it! Even though I no longer reside in Boston I have brought a passion for running to my new home and hope to share my journey with others. I’ve learned that having a supportive fitness community helps me stay motivated and I hope this blog contributes to this online fitness/running community


Food Philosophy

I’m interested in simple healthy cooking, and try to eat a mostly plant based diet (cheese though). I eat this way to benefit my personal health, however I also support the environmental/political influences of plant based diets. I am  by no means a “holier than thou” strict vegetarian. I just think people should consider the implications of their food choices. This being said small changes can make a big difference. I plan on using this blog to share what I’m cooking, eating, or anything else that crosses my mind.

If you’re interested in having me try/review your product please contact me at: starvingrunnerben at gmail dot com



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