What I’m eating this week 7/27/14


For the past few weeks I haven’t done as much blogging as I’d like. The truth is I’ve just been exhausted because my marathon training has been ramping up. I’ve needed to spend more time stretching, recovering, and just sleeping. I feel like now that I’ve got a few weeks with LOOONNGG runs in that I’m starting to acclimate to the increasing mileage. So excuses aside here’s what I’m planning on making this week…

  •  Edamame quinoa salad w/ raspberry vinaigrette-this looks super easy and has lots of protein in it which I’m needing more of lately
  • Chopped edamame caprese salad-I figured this would be another way to utilize the edamame I’ve got, plus I have leftover cherry tomatoes from making a scallion and tomato quiche this weekend. 
  • Bourbon cherry smash-I wish this was a meal by itself (well it could be), but I actually made a variation of this after my PR setting 5K this weekend! Instead of bourbon I used some of GrandTen Distilling’s Fire Puncher Black Vodka. I’m not much for vodka, however this isn’t a sickly sweet flavored spirit and the spicy aftertaste is delicious. It reminds me of some aji chocolat my girlfriend brought me back from Ecuador last year. Anyways it went perfectly with the cocktail I highly recommend it.

I’m also making a surprise meal this Saturday for Kate’s return from Tanzania!! I just didn’t wanna post it here in case she see’s this first. (see you Saturday)