What I’m eating this week 6/2/14

This week I’m feeling inspired by all the grilling that we did this weekend on Cape Cod!  I also have a serious craving for some pizza so I figured I’d try my first grilled pizza!  One thing I’ve also been wanting to try is making my own dough, but I’m a little intimidated so I think I’m going to wait until a weekend to try that process.  That way if I mess it up my evening dinner plans aren’t totally derailed.  Anyways here’s what I’m going to be cooking up this week…

  • Rica Bowl with Lentil Stew and Miso-Mustard Tofu: I don’t have a lot of experience cooking tofu so this one will be a bit of an adventure.  I’ve just been craving that salty delicious miso flavor so I’m hoping this will satiate me.  I also don’t always stick directly to recipes because I think cooking is an art not a science so I won’t be making the patacones, but I may substitute something else in (miso glazed asparagus if I’ve got some left from meal 1)
  • Lasty I’m just gonna do something simple.  I plan on baking a few sweet potatoes I’ve got left over and stuffing them with leftover ricotta from meal 1, and some spinach and garlic which I always have on hand.  Should be simple and I like simple, especially near the end of the week.

Good luck meal planning this week!